Why You Should Use Discreet Escort Agency

There are a number of reasons that people prefer to use an escort agency rather than finding a free-lancer or going to a bar. Here’s a brief guide.


  • If you would prefer not to be seen in a bar or picking up a freelancer on the street by colleagues, etc., an escort agency makes sense. In addition, with Discreet, you get escorts who understand that you want discretion and won’t talk about you to others.

No Drama

  • Having the agency handle all the negotiations avoids the drama that can come from dealing with freelancers or bargirls. If there is an issue? Call us. We’ll sort it out for all involved. No drama. At Discreet, our phone is always available and our ladies know that to call for any issue, not make a scene.


  • Anyone can look and see that we are selective. Not just in looks, but we are also selective in terms of reliability, honesty and work ethic. You can feel safe with out ladies. We take care of them so they will take care of you, and are careful to select ladies that deliver as expected, in every way.


  • As the clients who have dealt with us via phone and email can attest, we take time to match the right lady (or ladies) to our clients. We know our ladies’ preferences, what they are good at, etc. And that allows us to match them effectively to our clients by more than just physical appearance.


  • Our escorts are checked monthly and engage in safe sex practices.


  • Our rates are reasonable. We aren’t a cheap escort service, but we are competitively priced and are an especially good value on overnight and 24 hour bookings. For our clients, the pricing is worthwhile for all the reasons listed above as well as their own peace of mind. And for those of you who want to compare us to the bars, we are a bargain. Between drinks, barfine and what the girl wants, you will likely spend more than you would going through us, not to mention the time you waste trying to find the right girl. On multiple day bookings, you effectively get a bonus by booking with us (via our discounts on longer bookings).

No Surprises

  • The escorts you see on our website are the escorts that work with us and will show up. We don’t substitute escorts, we check on availability before we confirm an escort with you and then that is the escort that will arrive at your door. We keep you informed of any changes in availability. Our photographs are high quality and they accurately represent our selection of escorts.
Our clients have found out that Discreet is responsive, professional and provides great escorts at a reasonable price. Find out for yourself.

Additional Information

Please read our terminology, rates and booking pages for more information.

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