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Bookings by email are recommended.  We strongly recommend staying at hotels with an internet presence so we can locate them and confirm bookings. It is important that you give the name room is booked in and correct room number in order for us to confirm your booking and for our escort to reach you. We do not send escorts to condos, apartments, houses, AirBnBs, etc. for first-time clients. This is a security issue and not negotiable. Once a client is established with us, no problem sending escorts to their private residence.

Between 1 am and 10 am, we are only available to our escorts. If you wish to book an escort to see you during those hours, make the booking prior to 1 am. Mature escort bookings we recommend making before 10 pm.

Phone contact may be made at:

  • Phone: +66 93 527 0655
  • WhatsApp: +66 93 527 0655

Video calls will not be accepted.  

Please indicate what escort you want to see. We are happy to answer any questions regarding specific services or to discuss specific needs.

    All bookings are for companionship between two consenting adults for the time allotted.

    Typical process:

    • Client contacts booker and communicates who he wants to see, when, where and for how long a booking
    • Booker confirms with escort that she is ok with booking
    • If escort confirms, booker confirms with client (by calling their hotel room) that booking is set
    • If escort is unable to take booking, booker contacts client to discuss other options
    • Once an escort is confirmed, booker sends escort details of booking
    • Escort reaches hotel, and reception calls up to the client (escort usually has to leave her ID at reception) that he has a visitor
    • Client asks reception to send visitor up
    • Client pays escort upon arrival
    • Client and escort spend time together
    • At end of booking, escort returns to reception to retrieve her ID
    • Reception calls client to make sure everything is ok
    • Everyone is happy

    This process is both discreet and protects both the escort and the client. We have used this process for over ten years and it consistently works very well.

    Additional Information

    For more information, please look at our terminology  and rates pages.


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