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A bunch of changes…updated (twice)

We did a new intake in Bangkok a few days ago, adding a total of 9 new ladies to our Bangkok group (some of them are returning escorts, some are entirely new) as well as doing updates on the photos of 3 of our working escorts.

As we were working on the additions, we realized that our Bangkok girls page was just getting unwieldy – hard to look through because of the number of escorts. So we rearranged it, so now it is alphabetical within age groups – hopefully that makes it easier to navigate and choose who you want to see. Then we did that with our Pattaya escorts as well.

We haven’t finished selecting photographs, creating the profiles, etc. That’s going to take a couple of more days – so you can expect not just the changes that are shown now, but some more additions.

So, what changes are there to see?

Well, we have new photos on the pages of Fah, Hana and Wala.

We’ve also added new profiles for Yo (returning from retirement), Sarah (100% new addition) and Cherry (also returning from retirement, previously known as Arisa).

Still six more new escorts to add, so we all have something to look forward to.

And here are 4 of the new additions – Kitty, Jenny, Lisa and Risa.

We also made a change to our front page – there is now a rotating gallery of our newest additions.

Final two new escorts – both Big Beautiful Women – Creammy and Fon

Rate Increase

The last time Discreet Escorts raised its rates was in 2016. We’ve dealt with the various increases in the cost of living for our escorts by not discounting and by maximizing our efficiency by not taking bookings between 1 am and 10 am and other actions intended to maximize the benefit for our clients and our staff.

But inflation eventually catches up to everyone, and it’s caught up to us. So, we are increasing our rates effective 1 March, 2023.

The new rates are:

  • 1 hour: 6,000 THB
  • 2 hours: 7,000 THB
  • 3 hours: 8,000 THB
  • 4 hours: 9,500 THB 
  • 8 hours: 12,000 THB
  • 12 hours: 15,000 THB 
  • 24 hours: 18,000 THB

In order to serve our existing clientele (which we value), any client who has previously had a booking with us will receive a 10% discount on the new rates for all of 2023, so for our returning customers, the rates are:

  • 1 hour: 5,400 THB
  • 2 hours: 6,300 THB
  • 3 hours: 7,200 THB
  • 4 hours: 8,550 THB 
  • 8 hours: 10,800 THB
  • 12 hours: 13,500 THB 
  • 24 hours: 16,200 THB

If you have recently been in a go-go bar in Bangkok (or Pattaya or Patong), you know that these are good rates – taking a girl from a go-go in Bangkok is now going to cost you – 1,000 thb barfine, 3,000 thb girl (paid in bar), 500 thb ladydrinks and 160 thb for one drink for yourself and 400 for the shorttime room – so a total of 5,060 thb for 15 to 30 minutes quickie. Longer times will be much more expensive if you can find a girl who will actually stay with you for that time.

Remember – we go by time. Our escorts stay with you for the booked time. No shot limits., no playing on their phones., no rushing to leave. You get what you paid for.

Two new additions (one young, one mature – both fit) and some updates.

Our most recent intake turned into more of an update than a new talent intake. We added two new escorts that we think are really good additions. On the mature Mistress side, we added Pimmy, and we think she will be an excellent addition. On the young spinner submissive side, we added Jelly and we know she will be an excellent addition.

We also had a number of our escorts show up for updated photographs. As our regular customers know, we work at keeping the photographs of our escorts up to date at no cost to the escort – so our customers see the escort they will meet – not that escort from 5 years ago (or longer!) or retouched as to look like a different person.

So, with this intake, we also did updated photographs for Betty, Jen, Milly, Kung, Bee and June.

New additions in Phuket

Some of you may remember that for part of 2021 and 2022, we had a tiny little young spinner named Alice working for us – starting in Bangkok and then in Phuket. She had some issues that she had to work through and now she has, so she’s back, working in Phuket as Alice P. And she’s brought a friend with her, Pam. So we are happy to add two young spinners to our options in Phuket. Both are bisexual and a-level.