Escort Agencies and Indian Clients

Have you even noticed how many escort agencies (and bars as well) in Thailand refuse service to Indian clients? Ever wonder why?

Well, I’m going to tell you a little story (true story, btw) to illustrate why…

Before I begin the story, let me point out that Discreet has a number of Indian clients who we value, who are not at all like the person that caused this problem, and who are truly ladies and gentlemen of the highest order, people we are pleased to have as clients and who have consistently had the best service we can deliver (and who have clearly appreciated it).

So, on to the story –

On 1 May, I get an inquiry via WhatsApp from an Indian number (with an Indian name on the information) that says he wants a full night service. I ask where he is, and he says Phuket, so I send him the information on our Phuket escorts and which one is available that night. After looking at her profile, he gives me the name of a hotel in Phuket Town where he claims to be staying (the hotel does not have room phones, it is a rather cheap hotel). Then he changes to wanting a full day (24 hours) and agrees to the rate. I contact the escort, and find out she is not available for full-day bookings this week because she has some classes she is taking in the daytime. Go back to him and he agrees to 12 hours starting as soon as she can get there. I call the hotel to make a confirmation call and find out the hotel does not have room phones and only has a mobile phone number (I should have refused the booking at that point per our requirements for first-time clients).

He is continually asking for the escort’s number (we don’t do that, we want our escorts focusing on the client, not on their phone), as well as attempting video calls. He’s also talking about booking another escort for 4 days (deflection?) even though he’s already been told she is not in Phuket.

Eventually, the escort reaches the hotel. He is still messaging me for her number while she is finding out that room number he gave is unoccupied. He then claims that he is coming to reception, but of course no one shows up in reception. He is entirely bullshit.

When I tell him he is blacklisted (lies and fake bookings are two of the ways to get blacklisted, there are a few more), he starts on a rant about how he is rich enough to buy Thailand two times over (which explains why he claimed to be staying at a cheap hotel, right?) and other nonsense. I block him of course.

There is an example of why many girls in Thailand want nothing to do with Indians and why many bars and escort agencies will not serve them. Among other issues are attempting to renegotiate deals after they have been agreed to (that just makes them appear dishonest) and other fraudulent behaviors, some of omission (not making clear that there is a couple or multiple men, for examples).

We will continue to serve customers regardless of where they come from – maintaining our criteria that our clients are expected to be quality people – people of character – no liars, not scam artists, and not like the person from the story above.

Our established clientele have no worries. For new clientele, we have specific processes we go through to safeguard our escorts and avoid this kind of game – we won’t take shortcuts on those process and we aren’t going to give the benefit of the doubt to any new client.

We won’t waste your time, don’t waste ours.