Overheard Tonight

In another post, we talk about the cost of getting a girl out of a go-go or bar… tonight, while sitting talking to a friend, this conversation was heard between a dancer and a customer –

  • “How about we go back to my hotel room?”
  • “Where are you staying?”
  • “The Sheraton on soi 15”
  • “That’s too far – let’s just get a room at the hotel nearby”
  • “OK, how much will that cost?”
  • “500 baht. Not much”
  • “How much is your barfine?”
  • “1000 baht.”
  • “And how much do I give you?”
  • “7000 baht. Less than $200”
  • “OK – what’s my bill for drinks?”
  • “Let me see your bill – 900 baht “
  • “OK – here, go get dressed and let’s go”

For those of you who aren’t sure of what that conversation says – this gentleman went into that bar, had two drinks, bought a girl he liked two drinks, paid the bar so he could take her out of the bar, paid for a short-time room near the bar so she could go back to the bar quickly, and paid her for her time (and likely got one shot – 30 minutes maybe). Total cost – 9400 thb. He was lucky, he found a girl he liked pretty quickly (or maybe he wasn’t and she was the third or fourth girl he had bought a drink for and talked to).