Standards at Discreet

Some of you may have noticed that a few of our new additions have disappeared. I’m not going to identify which is which but I am going to use this opportunity to explain why escorts are sometimes with us a very short time.

One of the escorts found herself with a boyfriend. We have a good set of customers and once in a while one of our girls hits it off so well that they go from client/escort to boyfriend/girlfriend and even to husband/wife. It’s the risk we take representing escorts of good character. We like that risk.

One of the escorts simply couldn’t get into the practice of keeping appointments in a timely manner. She is a sweet girl, a person of character and good at the services offered – but she simply couldn’t plan her time and be on time (or even close to on time) in her interactions with our clients. It isn’t for everyone, so we no longer represent her. She is not the first escort to have this difficulty and I am sure she won’t be the last. Our most popular escort of 2021 was dropped for this same issue.

When we do our intakes for new escorts, each of them signs a set of “expected behaviors” regarding their interaction with the customers. Nothing daunting or difficult, and they are reminded of those with each booking briefing. Also during that intake, we explain the process of a booking, that the escort controls what bookings they accept, but that we expect our escorts to be honest and reliable. Reliability in our view includes being at the appointments they accept and being prepared.

We think our clients appreciate our standards. We certainly hope so.