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New additions in Pattaya, Joy back in Phuket, and the Fun Authority Team

Last week, we had a recruiting session in Pattaya and we added a number of new escorts in Pattaya – Alice, Aom, Mini-Minny’s sister Nin, and Pla, plus some new photos of Pat and Mini-Minny. We also stumbled across the idea of the Fun Authority Team (the girls were playing with our various costumes and came up with it on their own).

Also, Joy is back in Patong, and available for bookings.

Fun Authority Team

We’ve added a new fantasy for those who are interested and travel to Pattaya – the Fun Authority Team. This team consists of Mistress Pat as the senior and dominant enforcement officer, and sisters Minny and Nin as her rookie fun-loving officers. Together the team will molest you, search you and make sure that any hard tools you are in possession of are rendered soft and harmless.

The Fun Authority Team – in Pattaya

As a special deal – a 4 hour fantasy session with the Fun Authority team is 24,000 thb (a 4,500 thb discount) and a 2 hour fantasy session with the Fun Authority teams is 18,000 thb (a 3,000 thb discount). Please refer specifically to “The Fun Authority Team” in your booking request.

Customer Comments

  • Had a lot of fun. – M from USA
  • This was like 3 stripogram cops. Lots of fun. – W from USA

Some great additions and a couple of subtractions…

First of all, some of you may notice that a couple of escorts have just been added and already have customer comments – that’s because they worked for us before Covid, and now have come back. The escorts I’m referring to are Hana (one of our most popular escorts ever) and Nana (who is great fun).

We’ve also added a number of new escorts – Nalin is our youngest escort, being barely 20, Janpen is a mature spinner who looks and acts young (and what a stunning body!), and Theresa is our newest addition to our Big Beautiful Women category.

Now for the bad news. We have removed two escorts from our representation. Alice has been one of our most popular escorts for the past 8 months, but she has too many infractions of our expectations to be kept. Appearing at a client sick, being late by hours, and other issues just were not appropriate for our agency. We hope she can come back when she has her life a bit better sorted out. The other removal is Jasmine, who has been popular and got great reviews. Unfortunately, a few days ago, a client took it on himself to hide a camera and film their tryst, a situation that led to Jasmine retiring. The client is blacklisted, of course.

5 New Additions in Pattaya

Noi and Ben did an induction/recruiting session in Pattaya and have we added some GREAT new addition.

Fa is our new young GFE who is available as a Dominatrix as well. Mini-Minny is our young playful escort who is open to a-level and bondage. Ninny is a sun-worshipping MILF with an unreal hot body (a-level as well). Pat is the ideal mature tour guide. And Preeya is a mature GFE.

A lot of new girls…

OK, we don’t have the new girls I’m referring to yet… but early next week, Noi and Ben are travelling to Pattaya to do a new intake. Expect a bunch of new additions on our Pattaya page at right about the end of the month, and a handful of new additions on the Bangkok page about mid-June. Should scratch some itches…

New additions, updates and finally a profile…

We added a few more escorts. You’ll find Kiki, who is a sweet and very petite mature escort, and definitely worth the time for those who like a girlfriend experience. Also, we added Nicole, who is a very cute young escort who is also a girlfriend experience and available to travel. Nicole has a nice set of natural breasts and is a quiet, very nice young woman. She speaks Japanese.

Finally, we have new photos of Judy. It took a while to get the schedules to work out, but we think the new photos really show her personality off (her body was already on display). Judy is a sweet GFE with a rocking body.

Alice and Noi move back to Bangkok

Two of our most popular escorts have moved back to Bangkok – Alice had moved down to Phuket a few months ago, but she decided to move back to Bangkok as of today. Noi had been going back and forth between her home village and Bangkok during the pandemic, but a couple of days ago she moved back to Bangkok, getting an apartment again.

Three New Additions – BBW

We’ve added some new photos of Alice and Gail in the last couple of days, but the big addition is that of three new escorts – all variations of the BBW category.

Jade, Minny and Pim are all new additions (Pim is in her 30s, the other two in their 20s), to help fulfill the demand for BBW escorts.

Three new additions

We’ve added a couple of young escorts to our group as well as a new mature.

For those who like slim spinners, we’ve added Kitten. For those who like tall girls with experience outside of Thailand, we’ve added Jenny. And for those who want an a-level mature, we’ve added Patty.

New, updated photos for Gail

Many of our regular customers are big fans of Gail, and many are probably aware that she actually keeps her hair short and wears wigs when the mood hits her – so her look has varied from a page-boy to past her shoulders. Today, we got Gail to let us photograph her with her natural, short hair. We think it’s really sexy and shows off her strong facial structure. Take a look yourself!

New additions and Updates

We just had a two day photoshoot that was primarily intended to update escort photographs who hadn’t taken photos in a while – but we ended up with a few new additions too..

New Additions are Bee, Som and Shampoo….

Then we have the updates – Noi’s photos were updated, and Beebe and June got their profiles completely rebuilt.

Also, all of our profiles will now reflect Covid Vaccinated status and current booking status – so when an escort isn’t available, that information will show on their profile (long-term bookings, trips out of town, etc. – conflicts with other bookings, etc. are still possible).


Extra Services – unprotected sex

Recently, we have received some requests for “extra services” meaning unprotected sex. Our escorts do not engage in this high risk behavior.

Some people think that the PEP is a solution that makes such behavior safe. It does not.

A few things to consider –

Any escort or freelancer or bargirl that is engaging in unprotected sex with you has likely engaged in unprotected sex with others. As long as someone is engaged in sexual relations, there is no way to be 100% sure they are HIV negative (the tests only show HIV once replication is well under way, so someone who was infected last week will usually not test positive – but they can pass on the infection).

PEP is intended to be taken as soon as possible after a risky interaction (within 72 hours) and continue to be taken for 28 days consecutively with no other risky interactions. Even then, it is roughly 80% effective.

Now, let me point out the problems there.

  1. Although girls get tested, they can never be 100% sure of being HIV negative unless they insist on condom use in all their sexual relations.
  2. With the widespread use of counterfeit medications in Thailand, there is a good chance that a PEP acquired here may not be legitimate.
  3. A sex worker cannot afford to go 28 days without working.

Fundamentally, this means that unprotected sex with a sexworker is high risk for the client and very high risk for the sexworker.

Suggested reading:

PEP fact sheet

Why use an escort agency?

Recently, I had an interesting talk with someone who is advocating the Co-op approach to avoid the claimed bias against agencies. It got me thinking, as the more they talked, the more they demonstrated what the strength of a good agency is.

First off, let’s talk about the “perceived bias” against agencies. Do any of you reading this not buy books because the writer has a literary agent? Not go to movies because the actors have agents? Good escort agencies do exactly the same thing – they work at getting the escort work and keep the escort from being bogged down in calls, messages, etc. so that the escort can give her full attention to her client. How many of you want to pay for a day with an escort and have the escort interrupted by their phone all the time? After all, if they are successful, that is exactly what happens. Most of those calls and messages aren’t work, they are inquiries, scams, etc., but each and every one needs to be handled. That’s what an agent does.

Then there are the people who think that technology will solve the problem that I noted above of interruptions. Technology is making it worse. Back in 2012 and 2013, Discreet handled maybe 20 to 30 calls or emails a day, of which 2 to 5 turned into bookings. Today, Discreet handles more than 100 calls or emails a day, of which 2 to 5 turn into bookings. It’s just plain easier to reach out than read the website, and people do it.

The biggest reason that people claim to prefer independents is that they are cheaper. But are they? How much is your time worth? How much will you spend on girls that turn out to not be what you expected or who lied to you saying they would do what you want just to get you to take them? Some independents are absolutely great. Most aren’t.

Next, let’s talk about problems. If you have a problem on a booking with your independent escort, who do you call to sort it out? Maybe you are sure that you will be able to sort it out yourself, but our experience is that most problems are a matter of miscommunication. Being able to call someone that will bring the drama down and sort the situation out? That has value.

Finally, let’s talk about feedback. If you have a bad experience with an independent or an agency escort, you can write up a review in places like The Erotic Review, but for a lot of independents, you won’t be able to post a review because you need a webpage to link (Massage Republic is not accepted). With an escort agency, they are unlikely to publish a bad review, but at least you can get someone to read it and maybe even respond to it with some sort of a solution. I can only speak for Discreet, but there are some escorts no longer with Discreet because of customer feedback. They very well be working as independents (some certainly are).

Just our thoughts on the subject. Escort agents (good ones) are no different from literary agents or any kind of talent agents. They are not bosses, they are agents. Good ones make it easier for good talent to be successful and free up time for the talent to practice their craft and focus on it.


This is from a customer shortly after he read this:

“I remember you ringing us at our hotel when we had a booking and checking everything was OK if I recall before the girls arrived . Very reassuring. You’ve also given us lots of advice on suitability of girl for what we want. Seriously having an agency for a customer I think takes slot of risk and worry out of the arrangement.” 

Three new escorts – mature, MILF and young..

We’ve added three new escorts that we are very happy to add to our group.

This is Kay – she’s our newest mature escort. She has a rocking body and is the perfect choice for those who prefer mature escorts.
This is Ning. Ning is a dynamo. Just 30, she is busty, a-level, bisexual, and a pornstar experience. She also is a lot of fun and is up for being a fun dominatrix (not the serious pain, just playing at it).
This is the youngest of our new additions. In her mid-20s, this is Jing. Jing is Ning’s sister, and she is bisexual as well as a girlfriend experience. If you want an fmf threesome or a lesbian show? Consider Jing and Ning.

New girl – updated entries

As it looks like Thailand is finally working through the pandemic issue and that we can see the possibility of reopening in the visible future, we’ve decided to update our website, removing the girls that are no longer available and adding some new talent. In the next few months, we’ll continue this process and our website design will change a bit as we do so.

Our new girl is Joy, who is a busty, sexy girlfriend experience escort. She will make you feel good!

Joy – Thailand

New additions and a few new photos

This last month has seen the addition of a number of new escorts to our family, and a few updates of photos. If you haven’t looked in a while, take a look around, you may see some new faces.

Added as new escorts in May is Judy

Added in March and April were: Apple and Milly

Also updated the photos of: Gail, Roxy, and June.

New Girls and Ladies – New Photos

It has been a while since we added any new girls to our group, but this month we are adding Miss A, Miss Milly, Miss Zina, Miss Annie, MILF Tan, Mistress Ava, and Miss Wala.

UPDATE 2021 – A, Zina, Annie, Tan, Ava and Wala currently not available.

Also, we have added new photos of Gail, and June (2021 Update – June not currently available)

Lots of new additions

We’ve made some big changes this month in preparation for high season. A number of our long-time regular girls are no longer listed. They have acquired enough regular customers that they have found it difficult to accommodate new clients and so we have made the decision to remove them from the pages. A couple of others are no longer listed because they spend very limited time available now, so that “sorry, she isn’t available” was becoming too commonplace. We want the girls you see to be girls you can book.

We’ve also added a lot of new ladies, and some new photos of ladies who have been with us for a while. New ladies include Bee, Donut, Fa, Mai, Suwadee and Vicky. And we have new photos of Bunny, Noi and Zonya. Lots to look at, so please take a look!

Server down, new photos, new girls

We had our server go down for a bit over a day, but as you can see, we are back. Unfortunately, the most recent backup we had was from just before our last photoshoot, so we had to reload the profiles for our new additions: Aoy and Guitar plus the new photos of Anya and Gail. If you happened to make a comment in the past two weeks, it was probably lost, and we apologize. Feel free to comment again, especially the customers who went with Guitar, Gail and Anya in that time frame.