Undervaluing the benefit of an agency and escorts

In the last two weeks, there have been two events that really struck me in terms of clients who consistently get poor service and clients who consistently get great service. Let me explain.

For the first, a few days ago we were contacted by a potential new client who browsed the website and left a very complimentary comment about our ladies: “Girls of top quality especially 40+ but charges are too high for a Thai girl”. I know there are some others out there that feel the same way. I wonder if he would say the same for an Irish girl in Ireland or a French girl in France? Just change the adjective for nationality? Somehow, I don’t think so. So, why would a top quality escort who happens to be Thai not be the same as a top quality girl who is English or American or Irish or Russian or French? Now, I understand people expecting prices to be lower because of different cost of living, but the reality is that the cost of living in Thailand is, in many ways, comparable to many of the places I just listed. The idea that Thailand is a cheap destination? Simply isn’t true anymore. Sure, it’s still half the price of London or New York, but escorts in those cities get 3 times what our escorts are getting. In other words, still a great value comparatively. Of course, the clients who have actually tried our girls know this, which is why they keep coming back. For those who still expect Thailand pricing to be like it was 5 or 10 years ago, I refer you to our overheard tonight post.

The second event happened today, and I am writing about it because it reflects the costs and business risks involved in an escort agency that have to be covered somehow for the agency to stay in business. So, we have an Italian client who has been a reliable client for the last couple of years, having seen a number of escorts. But he has become a bit inconsistent recently, cancelling on escorts a couple of times. Today, he made a booking and then simply didn’t show. He even went so far as to message me that he had arrived when he hadn’t. The escort not only spent time and money to go to the hotel to meet him, but she waited almost an hour for someone who just blew her off. The escort’s time has value, just as much as the client’s. In this case, the agency pays the escort the cancellation fee. Every time that some jerk thinks this is acceptable, they increase the costs to the good customers, just as shoplifters increase the costs to honest shoppers. We do our best to screen out the pranksters, etc. but we have generally considered established clients as being trustworthy. It seems to not be the case with this client.

Discreet Escorts strives to bring quality escorts to our clients with accurate photos, honest descriptions, and expectations that provide a quality experience as described. No telling you a girl will do something she won’t. No switching girls. No girls who take off as soon as they can. All of those things drive the costs of our service, which we try to keep as low as possible while still honestly valuing the time of our escorts. We ask that our clients value their time as well (we know that most of you do and we appreciate it!).

Btw, just so our readers don’t think that it must be a really bad week? Not at all. We had a bunch of both new and returning clients who were thrilled with their companions. Pat, Kung, Hana, Bee, Nuch, Nin, Molly, Yammy, Suzie, Patty, Pam, Abby, Jelly, and Gail all had clients who were very happy with them.

Want to know the difference between clients who get consistently poor service and those who get consistently great service?

The clients who undervalue the escort’s time and capabilities will get what they expect, or less.

The clients who respect the escort’s time and efforts will get the best efforts.